To begin with Thermoptim, three solutions are possible:

Videos are also available, but uniquely in French (see French page).

To learn how to model energy systems with Thermoptim, we suggest:

  • either to follow the Online course 2022
  • or to follow Thermoptim's guided explorations
  • or to work with our books.

In the presentation of our pedagogical approach, we have shown that it can be broken down into three main modes.

The second edition of the book Energy Systems covers topics corresponding to the first two modes.

In this course, we limit ourselves to the first mode and offer the detailed online version of the lightweight presentation, as well as a partial presentation of a set of cycles modelled with Thermoptim, mostly chosen from those that are the subject of guided explorations.

We refer to the book for supplements on the second mode.

Guided explorations (GE) are activities of discovery and initiation by exploration of predefined models.

Two ways of using these GEs are possible, either offline directly on the learner's computer or online.

In the first case, the scenario is presented in a particular browser capable of emulating Thermoptim, while in the second case, it is a classic browser, the demo version of the software package allowing to do all the exercises.

By having learners work with these GEs, we ensure that they do not waste time on handling errors that are not of pedagogical interest, which is essential if their work is to be carried out in the time of a coursewhich is always limited. This greatly reduces the risk of errors, and if they do occur, all they have to do is reset the browser and Thermoptim.

Subsequently, if a learners have to build models with Thermoptim on their own, they will do so with much greater ease if they have studied these GEs because they will have become familiar with the screens of the software package.

A presentation of the GEs is given on this page, the download links being available on this site.

Asindicated above, the Thermoptim's guided discovery exploration will guide you in your first steps in using Thermoptim.

We have published several books on energy systems, in English and French:

Energy Systems, A New Approach to Engineering Thermodynamics, 2011

Energy Systems, A New Approach to Engineering Thermodynamics, 2nd Edition, 2021

Systèmes énergétiques Tome 1, Méthodologie d'analyse, bases de thermodynamique, composants, Thermoptim, 2009

Systèmes énergétiques Tome 2, Applications "classiques", 2009

Systèmes énergétiques Tome 3, Cycles avancés, systèmes innovants à faible impact environnemental, 2009

Modéliser et simuler les technologies énergétiques, Conversion thermodynamique de la chaleur, 2016

This book is the textbook corresponding to our MOOCs